Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Introducing: The Color Wheel

Have you ever seen the color wheel? Well, what is it used for? How is this important at all? 

I'm not going to talk about crayons here, but it's probably the most color you've ever seen, what with their 64 box of crayons and all.

The color wheel consists of 3 primary colors: Yellow, Blue and Red. A combination of two primary colors gives us the secondary colors, such as: Green, Violet and Orange. And lastly, by combining a primary color with secondary colors, we create: tertiary colors.

In cosmetology, the color wheel is important when it comes to hair coloring. Let's look at what colors neutralize or cancel some unwanted tones in our hair, shall we?

To neutralize or cancel brassy tones, use the colors opposite each other on the color wheel to achieve a neutral end result. Looking at the above picture you can see it's very simple. Red neutralizes/cancels Green and vice versa. Violet neutralizes/cancels Yellow and vice versa. And, Blue neutralizes/cancels Orange and vice versa.

Here is an image of hair that's in need of being neutralized because of its brassy tones:

Can you see it? The too high, too Yellow with hints of Orange? This would require a dash of Blue or Purple/Violet to neutralize this tone.

On that note, I need to TONE my brassy highlights! Eek!
Until next time!