Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The ME Edition!


For a long time, I wasn't very apt to change. I liked things the way they are. Why try to reinvent the wheel? This was very true about me, especially when it came to changing my hair color.
Here are 2 BEFORE pics of me, nothing exciting, just me:

Then, one day, I was asked to be a hair color model at the salon where I used to work, and although, I wasn't very open to a lot of change, I let them experiment within bounds. Here were the results, AFTER:

The picture is a little blurry, but as you can see my hair is much lighter and there is contrast because of the multi-dimension in color. The stylists' used lightener to get the Blonde you see in the front, and the darker colors you see are Red and Orange. They've eventually faded, as all colors do.

My hair was shorter then, it's been a year since the change has occurred. Now, I'd like to do something different... Do any of you have any ideas?


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Expansion: Social Media

Hey guys!

Now you can follow me on Instagram!


Monday, October 20, 2014

NEW: Services & Prices

Hello Everyone!

The following are the services I provide as well as the prices, as promised!

Prices are subject to change. All prices include Travel Fee. All consultations must be done prior to appointment at the time of booking. Please allow 15 - 20 minutes for any COLOR application and 45 minutes processing time, same goes for CHEMICAL services, such as relaxers, etc. All hair services include a very relaxing Scalp Massage.

In The Comfort of YOUR Home:

SERVICE                                                   PRICE
Shampoo, Style                                             $15.00
Shampoo, Cut & Style                                  $20.00
Fringe Cut                                                     $5.00
Hair Cut                                                        $5.00
Single Process                                               $30.00
Double Process                                             $35.00
Color Correction                                           (Quoted at consultation)
Base Break                                                    $30.00
Partial Highlights/Lowlights                          $30.00
Full Foil Highlights/Lowlights                       $45.00
Relaxer                                                           $30.00                                         
Conditioning Treatment                                  $5.00
Flat Iron/ Curling Iron Finish                          $5.00

Light Manicure - $7.00
Light nail cutting, nail filing, push cuticle, nail color application. Includes a hand scrub and hand/arm massage.

Hand/Arm Massage - 15 minutes for $7.00
Mixture of Effleurage, Petrissage & Vibrating. Includes a hand scrub.

Foot/Leg Massage - 15 minutes for $7.00
Mixture of Effleurage, Petrissage, Vibrating & Tapotement. Includes a foot scrub and foot cooling creme.

RE9 Anti-Aging Facial - $10.00
A 5 step anti-aging regimen for a youthful appearance, sure to lift and smooth out all your fine lines with a light citrus scent!

Calm Gentle Facial for Sensitive Skin - $10.00
A Calm, soothing facial catering specifically to Sensitive skin types. Anyone can enjoy this facial for it's refreshing components of cucumber and Japanese green tea!

Deep Sea Mud Face Mask Facial - $10.00
This mud mask will draw out impurities as it absorbs excess oil from skin, helping prevent clogged pores, blackheads and blemishes. Vitamins and minerals from marine botanicals are sure to leave your skin glowing!

If you should have any questions regarding my services please feel free to comment below or email me at

Monday, October 13, 2014


Good afternoon!

It's been quite sometime since I last blogged. There have been many moves and many changes, all for the greater good :)

I will be posting again in regards to NEW PRICES, NEW LOCATION and AVAILABILITY! I'll also be looking for MODELS in the coming weeks.

Talk soon,


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hair Models Needed!

Good evening friends!

It's time that I request your assistance! I'm in need of some hair models to try some haircuts and color on... Is that you?

I'm looking for the following:
- A man with medium to short length, fine to medium texture
- A woman with medium to long hair, fine to medium texture
- A woman with long hair open for color, fine to medium texture
- A woman with long hair open to highlights
- A woman open to a short cut

Please contact me for more details at or texting me 347-766-6169.

**NOTE: Please be from the NYC area.** 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Put Your Best Face Forward: Fresh Face!

Good evening!

As women, we LOVE to play with make up. I, personally, think make up as an art. Look how much more beautiful our ladies appear!

Here is a perfect BEFORE and AFTER picture of Dulce Candy of

Now, here is a picture of me AFTER lol This is my Fresh Face:

I use Arbonne... have you ever heard of it? I like all natural, organic things, so I am lucky to have found a company that offers all those things in one. Here is a list of the GLOW I've got going on:
Arbonne, Lipgloss - Brown Sugar

Arbonne, Creme Concealer - Light

Arbonne, Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Arbonne, Bronzer

Arbonne, 'It's a Long Story' Mascara - Black
Milani, Brow Fix Brow Kit - Light

Besides the brow kit, everything is organic. If you have any questions about Arbonne, I can help!

What does your 'fresh face' look like?


Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Modern World: Thoughts

Good afternoon!

So, two weeks ago I wrote a few blog posts and used the tab on my right. The "Schedule" tab claims that it will publish my posts' at the time and date I request, but it has failed - miserably.

What good are you to me if you don't work?!

Mid-afternoon rant. Do you have any?


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Truthful Tuesdays

Hello All!

It's that time again out of the week where I don't lie ;)

About a couple years ago I went to a nail salon to get a pedicure done. The lady working on my feet cut me, it hurt, but nothing to fret about, right? About a week or so later when I went to remove my nail polish, I noticed that my nail was not the same. Guess what I caught? A toenail fungus! Yuck!

Here's what that would look like:
Some fungus' aren't as "pleasant" as this one.

On another occasion, when I used to get acrylic done to my nails on my hands, I caught another nail fungus! DOUBLE YUCK! Here's what that would look like:
Or this one.

End result of that: I still on occasion get pedicures, but at extremely select places. Cleanliness is NUMBER 1 on my list when I'm getting services done. As far as acrylic nails go, I just don't do them anymore. I stick to getting fresh manicures, that most often than not, I do myself. 

Problem solved :)


Friday, January 10, 2014

Flashback Friday: Timeless Fashion - Black & White

Welcome to my Flackback Friday!

Fashion trends never die! They change, they transform, they EVOLVE!

Here's a timeless, classic that never fades away. One of my ALL time favorites: Black & White!

Can you think of other timeless fashion?


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's Up With That? Wednesday! - Rihanna "Doobie"

Hey guys!

It's Wednesday and I want to start a What's Up With That? trend!

Now I KNOW I'm SUPER late with this post, but, What's Up With That?

What was her stylist thinking?

I get it, it's RIHANNA! But this is something you do to keep your hair straight, not a form of fashion... at least not to me.

What were your thoughts on this?


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Introducing: The Color Wheel

Have you ever seen the color wheel? Well, what is it used for? How is this important at all? 

I'm not going to talk about crayons here, but it's probably the most color you've ever seen, what with their 64 box of crayons and all.

The color wheel consists of 3 primary colors: Yellow, Blue and Red. A combination of two primary colors gives us the secondary colors, such as: Green, Violet and Orange. And lastly, by combining a primary color with secondary colors, we create: tertiary colors.

In cosmetology, the color wheel is important when it comes to hair coloring. Let's look at what colors neutralize or cancel some unwanted tones in our hair, shall we?

To neutralize or cancel brassy tones, use the colors opposite each other on the color wheel to achieve a neutral end result. Looking at the above picture you can see it's very simple. Red neutralizes/cancels Green and vice versa. Violet neutralizes/cancels Yellow and vice versa. And, Blue neutralizes/cancels Orange and vice versa.

Here is an image of hair that's in need of being neutralized because of its brassy tones:

Can you see it? The too high, too Yellow with hints of Orange? This would require a dash of Blue or Purple/Violet to neutralize this tone.

On that note, I need to TONE my brassy highlights! Eek!
Until next time!


Happy 2014!

Out with the old and in with the NEW!

Hope everyone had an AMAZING New Years Day!

Make everyday count! Life is too short and too precious to be wasted on things that hold no weight in your life. 

If it is for you, it shall stay, if it went away, it was never yours. Be thankful, meditate and pray. Everything happens for a reason. Everyday is a gift!